Class Information & Pricing

BodyTone Pilates Classes

BodyTone Pilates is committed to helping clients achieve their goals whether it be improved posture, flexibility, injury rehabilitation, increased fitness, strengthening or weight loss.

Through regular and consistent practice of reformer Pilates, clients will see and feel the difference in their body.

It is essential you reserve a space in each class you wish to attend. All classes must be pre paid before attending.

Mums & Bubs Classes

This is a class designed to give new mum’s the opportunity to workout without worrying about their Bub. Bubs in a carrier or pram (up to 12 months) are welcome and will be watched by our babysitter. The bubs must remain in their carriers for the duration of the class and are not allowed on or near the reformers for safety reasons. Before joining these classes, you will need to provide a medical certificate deeming you fit for exercise again post-baby.

Reformer Classes

Reformer classes are 50 minutes in duration and workouts will change on a daily basis. Classes cater for clients of varying levels and are designed to target specific muscle groups allowing you to burn calories, build strength and flexibility, and tone the entire body. If you’re new to reformer pilates, we ask that you get in contact with us so we can book you into an appropriate class for your first session. If you’ve done reformer before, feel free to book into any class that suits you. If you are pregnant, reformer pilates is great for you. If you are less than 14 weeks, you’re welcome to join in our general group classes. If you’re 14 weeks, or further along, you will have to go straight into our Specialised Small Group Classes.

Small Specialised Group Classes

Our very talented instructor, Jocelyn, is now offering small group classes & personalised pilates programs. These are suited to everyone, however particularly to individuals with injuries, unique goals or pregnant women – if you are 14 weeks or further along in your pregnancy, we ask that you partake in these Specialised Group Classes as opposed to the general group classes.

These classes will not only utilise the reformer, they will be a combination of: Reformer, Mat Pilates, Wunda chair, Bosu ball, Swiss ball and various small accessories. These classes will be capped at 3-4 clients and will be tailored to each individual. As these are more specialised classes, the cost per class is higher. Due to this, standard class packs cannot be used for these classes. The prices for these classes are listed below (under “Small Group Classes”).

For further information and class times please e-mail us. Some of these classes will be run at the same time as general classes. The room will be divided into two sections in attempt to limit the disruptions to both classes.


Specialised Individual Classes

If you’re looking for a little more attention, Jocelyn is now offering one-on-one classes. These are 100% tailored to the individual and will run for an hour.

To make a booking call us on 0467 766 333, send us an email or

Introductory Pack

Our Introductory Pack allows you to try before you buy!

This includes 1 x introductory class plus 4 x 50 minute classes allowing you to experience the true benefits of reformer Pilates. Valid for 1 month.

Intro Pack ONLY $50
(5 classes including introductory class)

Class Packs

5 Class Pack
$117.50   ($23.50 per class)  1 month expiry

10 Class Pack 
$215.00  ($21.50 per class)  2 months expiry

20 Class Pack
$390.00 ($19.50 per class)  3 months expiry

50 Class Pack
$875.00  ($17.50 per class)  6 months expiry

Casual Class
$25.00 each

Student & Senior Pricing options
Casual class $20
5 Class Pack $94


Our memberships provide great value for regular sessions.

Unlimited Weekly Reformer Membership
$67.50 per week

2 Class Weekly Reformer Membership
$43.00 per week

See below terms for memberships.

Introductory Pack

(Small Group Classes)

Our Introductory Pack allows you to try before you buy!

This includes 3 x 60 minute classes allowing you to experience the true benefits of reformer Pilates.

Intro Pack ONLY $71.50
(3 small group classes)

Class Packs

(Small Group Classes)

5 Class Pack
$181.50   ($36.30 per class)

10 Class Pack 
$341  ($34.10 per class)

20 Class Pack 
$671  ($33.55 per class)

Casual Class
$38.50 each

One-on-one Class (1 hour)
$75 each

Membership Terms

Weekly Reformer Membership contracts run for a minimum 12 week term, to be paid in automatic fortnightly installments over 12 weeks.  After the initial 12 week term, your membership will automatically renew for subsequent weeks until written notice is received. You are able to cancel or suspend your membership at any time with a minimum of 2 weeks notice in writing after the initial 12 week minimum term.  Suspensions are available for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 42 days


Credit Card Transaction Fees: As of Friday May 4th, all purchases made with Credit Card will have a 2% surcharge added to the total cost, to cover Credit Card fees.
You do have the option to avoid these fees through either Cash or Bank Account payments. Please contact us via 0467 766 333 or to make any purchases via either Cash or Bank Account.

Class packs & 2 Class Weekly Memberships Cancellation Policy: Please provide at least 12 hours notice if you wish to cancel your class.  If you provide less than 12 hours or you don’t show you will forfeit your class payment.

Unlimited Memberships Cancellation Policy: You must provide BodyTone Pilates with at least 12 hours notice if you wish to cancel a class. If you give less than 12 hours or you don’t show up to your class you will be charged a $15 late cancellation fee for each late cancellation.

Wait List: If a class is full, we recommend you put yourself on the waitlist as spots may become available regularly due to cancellations.  You will be notified via an email and text message when you have been moved off a waitlist and into a class.  You will need to respond to confirm you still wish to attend the class.

What to bring

Socks. It is mandatory that all classes be performed in socks for safety and hygiene purposes. Non-slip socks are available for purchase if you forget to bring some. We also recommend you bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Please wear comfortable exercise attire to every class.


It is essential that you reserve a space in each class that you wish to attend.  All classes must be pre paid before attending.

This can be done by calling the studio on 0467 766 333, email or book online.